You will receive a holistic support in the following domains.

Being informed about the types of rights and method(s) of protection is the key to success with Intellectual property. We customize our support based on our client’s status as a startup or a matured organization and accordingly guide them to avail suitable Intellectual property right.


Prior art search

Prior art search report provides information on the existence of same or similar technology in a particular field. The search is carried out in patent and non-patent literature available in the public domain.

Patentability opinion

Grant of patents is based on stringent requirements being fulfilled by the Applicant. We help to identify requirements and guide based on the prior art search, status of the research on the technology and Applicant details.

Patent specification drafting, filing, prosecution, opposition and maintenance – for Indian applications and foreign applications.

We help in drafting and filing of the patent specification according to the requirements at both national and International levels. Post filing procedure we provide regular updates on the progress of the application till grant of patent. Post grant we also undertake maintenance of the patent

Patent infringement opinion

The infringement analysis helps to identify whether claims of a patent overlaps with another’s technology , whether a product or a process.

Freedom to operate opinion

FTO reports would help in understanding whether a particular technology is free for practicing without infringing the rights of any patentee.

Technology landscape analysis

These reports provide information on the trend in a particular field of technology. The reports help in pursuing the research in the right direction without overlapping with the existing technology.


Trademark search

Trade mark search is an important step to identify whether the mark which is designed to indicate our business overlaps with the trade mark of other’s business.

Opinion on trademarks

All marks which has been designed to indicate our trade may not qualify to be registered as Trademarks of our business. We analyse the mark and give opinion based on the nature of the mark and by comparing with the existing trademarks.

Trademark application filing, prosecution and maintenance – India and foreign applications

We file the trademark applications and post filing during the prosecution we take care of the application till registration.

Trademark Opposition , passing off actions and infringement opinions

Trademark oppositions and passing off actions are handled to resolve the matter at the IPAB as well as in the District and High court.


Design search

We carry out search and and also take help from Designs office to provide information on the existence of the design required to be registered.

Design application drafting, filing, prosecution and maintenance- India and foreign applications

We draft and file the design registration application and also post filing get involved in taking care of the examination reports till registration of the design.

Action on infringement

We provide infringement opinion and also take care of the process involved in fighting against the infringement of registered designs.


Copyright application drafting and filing

We help in filing applications for copyright registrations of literary, artistic, cinematography, and musical works.

Action on infringement

we provide infringement opinion of copyrighted work.


Intellectual property auditing

Regular auditing of the Intellectual property portfolio is recommended to be aware of the timelines. Timelines are crucial in Intellectual property prosecution and maintenance.

Intellectual property portfolio auditing is important during merger and acquisitions of companies. It helps to get an insight into the status of Intellectual property rights of the organization.

Intellectual property licensing/contracts/assignments

We also assist in drafting the Intellectual property related contracts and agreements for collaborations and assignments involving intellectual property rights.

Drafting of Intellectual property policy

Intellectual property policy helps to stream line the protection and use of intellectual property for monetary benefits, collaborations and licensing. We help R&D institutions and educational institutions to develop intellectual property policy.

Intellectual property training

We offer customized training in the field of Intellectual property for corporates and educational institutions.